A Complete and only Facebook Plugin for WordPress with Invite friend feature just like Pinterest.com.
Provide your user ease to invite their friends to increase the social power of your site and get more conversions and signups.


  • Facebook Login.
  • Facebook Register.
  • Invite Friend Widget.
  • Custom # of friends to show on widget
  • Shortcode
  • Invite friend using message mode.
  • Auto Use site link in message.
  • Auto Use Caption.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Publish Stream.
  • Custom Message for Publish Stream.
  • Auto post to user profile on signup.
  • Link/Unlink Account.
  • Show Login Button.
  • Widget.
  • With Auto adding link to Widget title.
  • Add URL to Full Invite Friend Page.
  • Shortcode to show all list of friends.
  • Custom Login Button Text.
  • Custom Register Button Text.
  • Separate Button css.


  • PHP Curl Enabled
  • output Buffering Enabled
  • Switch off display error
  • Open SSL Enabled.


  • Getting Started guide
  • Seperate Document
  • Also In Plugin Option Page


First Login With Facebook
Login Here
Then visit this page(The one with shortcode)
Invite Friends