CodeCanyon Advanced Categories Widget

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
CodeCanyon Advanced Categories Widget

CodeCanyon Advanced Categories Widget


Want your WordPress groups gadget with image? This groups gadget for WordPress is a high level gadget that gives you total control over the outcome of your groups. 

CodeCanyon Advanced Categories Widget support multi-instances gadget, classification picture, personalized and full features. When a classification link is visited, all the content in that classification will show on a classification page using the appropriate classification design determined by the design structure guidelines.


Classification content New functions 
Show information for showing the groups information.
Style, with HTML record or none.
Order, climbing or climbing down.
Orderby depend, id, slug or phrase team.
Depth, manages how many stages in the structure of groups are to be involved.
Number, places the variety of groups to demonstrate.
Thumbnail Dimension & Dimension, for diplaying the groups picture size.
Include & Remove, only consist of or exclude the chosen groups.
Exclude Shrub, exclude category-tree from the outcomes.
Child of, only display groups that are kids of the course recognized by this parameter.
Current Classification, allows you to power the “current-cat” to appear on uses of wp_list_categories that are not on category database webpages.
Search, only for looking given groups.
Feed, display a weblink to each category’s rss-2 nourish and set the weblink written text to demonstrate.
Feed Kind, display the fed enter in atom, rss, rss2, or rdf.
Feed Image, set a URI for an picture to demonstrate as a weblink.
Hierarchical, set a URI for an picture to demonstrate as a weblink.
Use information, places whether a category’s information is placed into the headline feature of the hyperlinks designed.
Show last update
Show depend, toggles the display of the present depend of content in each category.
Hide vacant, toggles the display of groups with no content.
Custom Design & Program, if you want to add extra CSS style or javascript per given gadget ID.

Live Preview       Download:  Solidfiles | Zippyshare

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