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Friday, August 30, 2013
Why you should prefer WordPress Repository?

An Ultimate Black Hat Script
What is it exactly ?
Mass control millions of servers at a given moment with Affiliate Ad's, Adsense, Clickjacking, Content-Locking, Redirection -The sky is the limit! These black hat methods are being utilized by the pharmas and now its your time to get hold of their secrect way of money laundering.

Control Millions of people's servers from all over the internet.

- Redirect all or a percentage of traffic
- Insert Any Code Into Their Site's
- Place Backlinks On The High PR Sites
- Control Their Adsense or Include Your Aff. Ad's
- Launch pop-under with your youtube videos, ....

How to gain access to people's servers ?

You insert a simple code within scripts, themes, or plugins...or whatever...get creative! Then distribute it.
Once they put it on their server, all sites within their IP are now under your control It's really quite simple. the coder was able to gain over 100,000 IP's in about 3 months. That's not website...that's IP. Right now, it over 8 million pages that he has full control over to redirect, post ads on, place popups, popunders, or just insert his backlink on.

No trojans or malware's are involved.

It pure code. Using a simple technique called "cURL", you are able to upload content/maintain content on another server from an outside source. This is one* way in which you are able to auto post to web 2.0 sites. By using "cURL" you are able to upload any piece of code onto the "victims" website.

It's really quite simple to use and build up your IP list.


So, the first part is the site with the UBHS (ultimate blackhat system) .. take a look below :

1) Here, you have all the IPs that you control.

2) Below, all the pages you control.

3) You can perform a redirect from any of these pages

For instance, if you have the control on a website about loss weight, you can choose to redirect 10% of the traffic to your targeted CPA offer about loss weight, etc ....

4) You can also add your links to the "victims" sites for temporary SEO boost

5) Global Embed Code

In Global Embed Code, you can put any javascript code to do your work.

SO STAY ALERT & BE CAREFUL before Installing any External plugin within your WordPress.

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