Fresh FaceBook Viral App 2 Beauty checker

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Fresh FaceBook Viral App 2 Beauty checker

Fresh FaceBook Viral App 2 Beauty checker


Fresh FaceBook Viral App 2 Beauty checker it`s a clean and exclusive program on CodeCanyon which allows your customers to execute free elegance assessments. It performs in a simple way, the customer submissions an image with himself, where the experience is noticeable, the image it`s submitted with a awesome AJAX uploader, then it profits the a quality depending on different factors of his experience, then, using the designed in discussing plug-in, he can discuss the outcome on Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Search engines Plus or LinkedIn.

The program has no unique specifications, you only need a domain/subdomain and a web host server (shared/VPS/Dedicated) with PHP5. Also, you don`t have to fear about set up, the only thing you have to do, is to publish the information to your server and modify just 1 computer file.


Beauty Test
Face detection
AJAX based,jQuery effec
No DB or API required
Cross Browser Compatible
Translation system (EN,RO,SWE included)
Random grades (If face not detected)Optional
Ready to go in a few minutes
and so much more…

Live Preview       Download:  Solidfiles | Zippyshare

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