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Monday, April 8, 2013
Few Weeks ago an outstanding arrival of new website came to our notice, The concept of this site is same as many trending eCommerce and freelancing websites are providing for the fixed price of $5 to get rid of bidding thing like odesk and Elance offered.
From the last few months it has been seen an inevitable increase in trend of earning online in Pakistan.

Introduction to

New money making sites pop up all over the Internet daily and a hot new one is Unlike other sites that freelancers use to bid or post work on, eliminates the bidding war to some extent by insisting that every gur bought and sold only costs $5. Known as microjobbing, provides small gurs, that take roughly 5-25 minutes to complete with some exceptions.While it is likely that you could ever live off the money you make from this site, a lot of people are tapping hidden talents to make some much needed cash. Here's how it works.

How it works for buyers of services

To begin with you need to sign up to be either a buyer of services at You cannot exchange services with a seller. Registration only takes about five minutes and then you can either post a request for work to be completed or services you wish to sell. For buyers, services need to be purchased in advance as works on an escrow basis. For every five dollars you pay for a service, four dollars goes to the provider and one dollar goes to This site does not generate income from google advertisements.

So what kind of people purchase services from For the most part website owners and new e-entrepreneurs seem to make up the bulk of the buyers. Need a page coded for $5 hire a expert. Need some twittering done to promote your site, have a short article written or a couple of testimonials for your blog, then you can get a couple of small jobs done in a day for just $5 each.

Anyone can purchase services from a provider; unsure what you need? Then peruse the services of providers or request your own.

How it works for sellers on

While opportunities for freelance writers do exist on, the bulk of people providing services are people with social media skills, e-business skills, website design skills, and bloggers and artists willing to paint postcards, pictures and provide voice overs for youtube videos. This site enables you to think of your own skill set and then offer the appropriate skills to buyers. You need to create a profile when you sign up as a seller and you can include your own website link to give sellers a chance to see your portfolio.

What's allowed/not allowed on

Absolutely no adult content or porn is allowed by either buyer or seller on When you visit the home page of this site you will see to the right that there are 16 different categories under which services can be bought and sold. These range from, Graphics, to Technology, to Business advice (you can get a 30 minute e-biz consultation for $5) to Programming and basic web design.

While some sellers do try and out do each other by offering a little more for $5 than another (I'll do 10 blog posts for $5 as opposed to someone who will do 20 blog posts for $5) many sellers have found that doing something a little different will get them hired and get a few dollars in there pockets relatively quickly. Things like sending someone a unique birthday card from a different part of the world for $5, or holding a billboard with your website address on a busy street corner for one hour for $5 do seem to be attracting quite a lot of attention. Only you can decide if you have a skill you are willing to sell for $5.

Withdrawal Options Support Two Withdrawal System
1) (190 countries and regions)
2) (197 countries and supports more than 21 currencies)

They also mention on how to use Paypal in Pakistan. is likely here to stay

With RSS feeds both buyers and sellers can peruse jobs and services at any hour of the day, and sellers can continually ad new skills to their set. Recently featured on CNN Money the Wall Street Journal Fiverr is still in Beta stage but growing in popularity daily. The benefits to small business owners and freelancers cannot be overlooked and this new concept of microjobbing is likely to stay around for many more years.

Copyright Issues:

At first we Thought that there could be a Copyright issue with this site but it is clearly stated that
FIVERR.PK�, GUR�, GURS�, I WILL __ for $5 or $10�, The Things People Do For $5 or $10�, graphics, logos, scripts, terms of use, instructions, designs and other service names are the trademarks and copyright of Inc.
We wish to remind that's content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). PakFiverr does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyrights, trademarks or other rights. We invite everyone to report suspected violations together with proof of ownership. Reported violating content will be removed.

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