PayPal is experiencing a global malfunction which may cause delays in payment approvals

Monday, January 28, 2013
People Discussion on this:

 i tried to pay for an item on ebay via paypal. I had to pay like 3 times to get it working. Then an hour later 3 emails came to me saying that i sent a payment 3 times, so i had to get refunded 2 of the payments. Pain in the ass. and for a company who make millions (possibly billions) this shouldnt happen

i heard chinese guys hacked database of paypal sometimes ago. and they also hacked in google's stuff so seregy brin got angry and stop all google things in china and said chinese will be better without google. sergey brin is a really great person.
i worship him everyday cause maybe he will index my poor blog on first page of google search.

They are just unable to send notifications which means the systems of respective providers aren't being updated and hence the problems. It should be a short-term niggle though. Those that have IPNs set-up will do just fine. :-)

Oh, and in times like these, there will be multiple conspiracy theories. :-)

So um....... how do you figure? I expected to see something regarding a GLOBAL MALFUNCTION of one of the largest payment processors in the world.... this is like when yahoo gives a misleading headline to get you to click.

If you are sending or receiving payments, there is no issue. The issue is the IPN.

If you buy a job on Fiverr or a clone, we aren't getting the IPN to verify the start of the job.

I can guarantee it is a giant mess over on Fiverr. I have had to manually email everyone that has ordered jobs on MyCheapJobs and explain to them that the script can't set the job up if paypal IPN is down. It has been down now for nearly 16 hours or so

Hey guys i just want give+share an information but seems someone report me and -1 rep another time,to the person who made that plz get back my rep because as you see i haven't many .
Thanks in advance.

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